Friday, July 11, 2008

No OSHA Here


Construction continues to be a week or two ahead of schedule. By the end of this week, the block walls will be at the height needed for the concrete beams which will tie them together. Plumbing pipes and electrical conduit were installed in the walls as they went up.

All water pipes here are schedule 40 PVC as in the US, when plastic is used. Electrical conduit and three wire, grounded circuits are considered to be extravagant, and installed in very few homes.

I’ve made certain that our wiring will meet US Code, so all of our wiring will have a separate ground and run in conduit. The plastic electrical conduit available is much thinner here than what we use in the States. But since all the conduit is embedded in concrete, it should be fine.

I hope you enjoy seeing these photos of a jobsite where OSHA doesn’t exist. The two men are carrying scaffolding. The man standing on the wall (with re-bar sticking out) was using a sledge hammer to remove the wood forms. Notice the ladder.