Monday, February 23, 2009

The House is Almost Finished

We have been remiss in getting a posting on the blog. Mostly we have not had much that is photogenic. The house is nearly ready for occupancy and the last few weeks have been very busy. We purchased all the shelving for the master closet, linen closet, pantry and laundry room this week. We are going with wire shelving by Closet Maid. The toilets, bidet, bathroom sinks, and shower faucets are installed. Final coats of paint are nearly done.
The chandeliers and wall light fixtures were built by a local craftsman and are mostly all installed. The cabinets are ready and will be installed next week. Landscaping in the cats’ area and the front of the house will be done before we move, but the bulk will be done when the wet season returns in May.
Construction has gone very smoothly for us and we are so happy in our choice of engineer/builder, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, and cannot recommend him more highly. We have heard many horror stories about building a home here, but our experience has been very positive. Our house is very well built using high quality workmanship and materials. The plumbing system is a hybrid of Costa Rican and US methods. The electrical wiring meets US standards.
Other exciting news: we have our cedulas! Cedulas are the national ID card. This means we are officially Pensionado (retired) Residents of Costa Rica. We do not give up our US citizenship, but have all the legal rights of Costa Rican citizenship except the right to vote. In three years, we will be eligible to apply for Costa Rican citizenship, still without surrendering our US citizenship.