Monday, August 30, 2010

San Ramon Procession of the Saints

Each year the Patronales San Ramon includes the procession of the Saints. Each of communities which are part of San Ramon, bring their Saints to the church. The tradition is over 100 years old. Each is beautifully decorated with flowers, accompanied by members of the individual communities, often with marching musicians. It is a very festive day, many businesses are closed and school is optional.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

San Ramon Ox Cart Parade

This morning, we went to the ox-cart parade which is part of the annual celebration off the Patron Saint of San Ramón

The crowd was 3 & 4 deep along the way. There's an amazing variety of carts, from utilitarian working carts to beautiful works of art here's a sample.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sanitizing the Water System

Last week we undertook the annual task of servicing and cleaning the communal water system. The work started early in the morning (6:30) when workmen drained and scrubbed and treated the catchment tank at the spring about 100 meters lower down the hill from our property. After the tank refilled, they added chlorine to shock treat the system. They then moved to the three large buried storage tanks up the hill from us and repeated the operation there.

Water from the tank at the spring is automatically pumped to these three tanks, and we normally get our water directly from these tanks. There’s enough of an elevation difference to give us excellent water pressure just from gravity. We also have a 700 gallon storage tank under our garage floor. If there’s a problem with the main system, we can pump water from this tank so that the house and casita always have water. Since we’ve been here, the pump controls at the spring have failed and have needed to be repaired. We were glad to have the back-up tank in our house.

While they were cleaning the three tanks, our gardener Mario climbed down and cleaned our backup tank. Once clean water was flowing throughout the system, we rinsed the chlorine from the tank, refilled.

The spring gives us delicious pure water, and just to be sure, we periodically have it tested at a local lab. Additionally, we treat all water that comes into the house and casita. When all the tanks and pipes were rinsed of chlorine, I changed the three stage particle filter, carbon filter, and replaced the bulb on the ultraviolet treatment unit. The ultraviolet system may be overkill, but it insures that our water is always clean and safe should the spring system somehow become contaminated.

It’s an all day process, but there’s nothing more important than clean water!