Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We're baaack!

It is the end of the dry season and we are waiting for the rains to start. Last year we had 15 feet of rain! Since January, we’ve had only three inches, so we are more than ready. It is interesting to see how the plants react to the long dry spell. Some lose their leaves and are awaiting the showers to put out their new growth. Other plants seem to have doubled in size over the last few months. Most notably the flax clumps have really grown. The lantana are also looking good and we had wonderful blossoms on the agapanthus (lilies of the Nile) this year.

We’ve been watering the Vetiver grass every two weeks. The thousands of plants have put out new growth and we are sure they will take off once the rains are here. Our gardener, Mario is in the process of cutting it back to strengthen the roots.

We went to Turkey for two weeks. (More on that later.) While we were gone, Mario stayed here and graveled the new trails and did lots of weeding and cleanup.

We’ve been home for about a week and have found orchids and trees in bloom.

The animal pictured is a coatimundi. It started coming around when we were putting bananas out for the birds.

We’ve since stopped, because our dog, Django was going wild when the coati or “pizote” strolled across the lawn. He also peeked in at casita guests a few times. We’re glad that we haven’t seen it close to the house in a couple of months, since coati have very long sharp claws and could be dangerous for the dog and people who get too close.

Another visitor that we're much happier to see is the spectacular Blue Morpho.