Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paving Our Driveway

Except for a concrete pad in front of the garage, we have a gravel driveway. It’s  over 100 meters long and three years of 12 to 15 feet of rain per year, combined with many folks who have trouble driving on gravel have had their toll.  It was time to fix it.   Rather than re-grading and adding gravel, we decided to pave it. 
We now have concrete pads in strategic places, and two strips of concrete 32 inches wide with space for grass between for most of the driveway.

That's Mario in the red shirt.
140 fifty kilo bags of cement, 18 cubic meters of base gravel, a rented cement mixer, and four men with wheelbarrows for a little more than a week did the trick.  Mario, our terrific gardener has worked in construction for years, and with the help of local workers from Berlin, he was able to implement Norm's design, with very little supervision.

Now we just need to see if sod will grow between the strips!  But no more mud!